Stuart Candy

Carnegie Mellon University, Situation Lab 


Nick Foster

Head of Design at Google X. Partner at the Near Future Laboratory

 Julian Bleecker

Co-Founder and CTO of Omata. Co-Founder of the Near Future Laboratory



Michael Burton




Radha Mistry & Darren Brooker

Story Strategists, Autodesk



Melissa Hui

Director, Customer Experience, IDEAN



Ksenia Benifand

Government of Alberta, OCAD University



Deepa Butoliya

Carnegie Mellon University






Sami Niemelä

Designer, co-founder, Nordkapp



Alana Aquilino

UX Research at CircleCI



Frank Spencer

Principal & Creative Director at Kedge and  Founder at The Futures School 



Matthew Wizinsky

Assistant Professor, College of DAAP / School of Design at University of Cincinnati




Food Futures

Yunwen Tu, Raquel Kalil, Benner Boswell – California College of the Arts



Please stay tuned for more speaker announcements



2018 Theme: Transformation & Possibilities

Humans have evolved from a relatively insignificant species to one that has dramatically reshaped our planet in a mere 70,000 years. Our capacity to imagine the future has always been fundamental to our ability to reinvent ourselves as a species. Our collective visions about what the future could be offer us tools to think with, as we anticipate threats, envision new worlds, and adapt to change. But the unprecedented challenges now facing our species call for expanding this capacity to imagine alternative futures into being. The Primer 18 conference seeks submissions for talks that explore the theme of transformations and possibilities. What new trajectories of transformation might be forged? How do adjacent possibilities reshape our relationship to the future or to alternative presents? What new frameworks or methods are needed to overcome the significant hurdles facing us today? We encourage participation from a diverse array of fields.