Shihan Zhang

Shihan Zhang is an interdisciplinary designer whose passion lies in challenging cultural stereotypes and social preconceptions through building experiences of future-present intersections. Her works are expanding technologies’ possibilities and extrapolating world conditions to address Anthropocene challenges. Through a systematic and cultural lens, her works inspire conversation and empower her audience to reflect.

She is currently an artist incubator in Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. Her work has been featured in Dutch Design Week and San Francisco Design Week, and recognized by IDEA Design Award and What Design Can Do: Climate Action award.

Exhibition: Symbiosis Carbon Future 

Not your ordinary photo booth props. Intersect with a carbon sustainable future by experiencing symbiosis lifestyle with plants. Begin planning your PRIMER 18 outfit now so you can coordinate with the wearable plant props under the neon “UV lights” in the Symbiosis photo booth exhibition

Symbiosis project has speculated an alternative future where human beings embrace new symbiotic lifestyles with plants (algae and moss) and take responsibility for reversing global warming. Within in this fictional future, carbon sustainability has become a value system and individuals offset every gram of carbon dioxide they emit, including food and breathing.

Cultivating moss beards to offset personal carbon footprints has become a popular lifestyle and fashion trend among gentlemen in London. After moss beards get mature, they’ll rinse and blend them into smoothies with fruits. A broad choice of moss is available for beard style customizations. Algae Ruff incubate genetically altered Spirulina which efficiently absorbs CO2 and releases fresh O2 for ladies to breathe in Paris. Also, wearers can harvest the Spirulina as nutrition rather than emit more carbon dioxide to buy other food. Symbiosis project builds artifacts to bring possible future scenarios in front of audiences with the goal of triggering conversations and reflections about our today’s lives.