Melissa Hui

Melissa Hui is a design and innovation strategist, her work focused on working with clients to co-create transformative human-centric ways of being, thinking and doing to be successful in the face of change and ambiguity. Blending design and the social sciences, she’s passionate about understanding how people and organizations can leverage their creative and empathetic powers to explore and craft thoughtful responses to present and future possibilities. She is the Director of Customer Experience at Idean based in Palo Alto, CA.



Lightning Talk: The Rituals of Futures Makers

What invisible threads hold together the thoughts and practices of those who make the future? What enables them to reach beyond the fog of time to clearly grasp what’s possible? How might we uproot our present selves to visit and collaborate with our future selves? While we often focus on what the future may hold or how it can be achieved, we rarely glimpse the inner world and workings of the very minds who actively craft and drive change. Through ethnographic research and storytelling, we’ll wade through the beliefs, artifacts and rituals of future-facing creatives and why-how they prepare themselves and others for massive change, paradigm shifts, and elegant reinvention. [Ethnographic studies and research work in progress]