Michael Burton of BurtonNitta

Based in London, Burton Nitta is an interdisciplinary art and design studio founded by Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta, who collaborate with science and technology to investigate our future world and human evolution. Previous works such as Algaculture, The Algae Opera, The Republic of Salivation and The Instruments of the Afterlife are published and exhibited internationally from MoMA, New York to the V&A Museum, London. New areas of research are explored through a journal called After… that invites audiences to taste the future and venture into alternative visions of the world and ourselves.





Reimagining Ourselves For Future Worlds

By asking the fundamental question ‘who are we?’ and viewing the world through the lens of the ‘human super-organism’, we will explore ways to reimagine ourselves for future worlds.

Taking inspiration from humans as a seething mass of bacteria and microbes, work from the Burton Nitta studio explores a concept we call the Transformosphere, where scales of past to future, nano to galactic and the connections between living systems and disruptive technologies offer opportunities to transform.

We will navigate the complexity underlying ‘who we might be’ in the future and the implications of a reality designed by us. Through examples of our recent projects, we will consider the long-term global consequences of the things we make. From this perspective, it proves crucial that we reflect on the afterlife of these creations as in the Anthropocene landscape they can have unseen effects on us, changing our minds.

By creating alternative visions of ourselves, we believe exciting future developments will be created in complex clashes of disciplines and technology. Speculative thinkers will be crucial in bringing these disciplines together and essential for transformative reactions to the challenges we will face.