Alana Aquilino

Alana is a writer, design researcher and game-designer based in Oakland, Ca. She currently leads the UX Research discipline at CircleCI. In previous roles she has worked to improve the experience of virtual assistants, home buying, and purchasing health insurance.


Workshop: Transgenerational Futures

Impersonal technologically-driven speculative futures fail to address our emotional experiences and interpersonal relationships. Our families provide some of the deepest meaning, most challenging relationships and inspire hope for the future. However, in strategic conversations families are frequently dismissed or used as political fodder. Addressing family also means opening to the intersections of race, class, education and inequality. These intersections are full of opportunities to create better futures. This workshop aims to provide space to explore desired futures with relational awareness. Participants will learn to use design fiction to create worlds where their (potential) future families thrive. The “Transgenerational Futures” workshop starts with this speculation: what if you had to talk about the future you were creating through the eyes of your great grandchild. Families are central to people’s values, motivations and beliefs. Instead of imagining a single character going through a future journey, experience or prototype what if stories were told at a family and community scale? In this workshop participants will be invited to imagine their great grandchildren as a part of the communities being resilient in spite of sea level change, food shortages and increasing numbers of natural disasters. They will create and explore the principles, organizations, services and products that make these future families capable of overcoming their obstacles. The workshop facilitator will provide creative assets, tools and methods to help participants such as the status counselor who helps folks ease into a non-competitive lifestyle and a lifestyle brand focused on flood recovery. At the end of the workshop, participants will have tried a new framework within design fiction. They will be able to reuse this framework, the assets and the activities in their practice.