PRIMER 18: Transformation & Possibilities

A Speculative Futures Conference


PRIMER was created to prepare you for the future, and to equip you to help shape it. 

In February 2017 we gathered designers from across the world in San Francisco, California to bring you our inaugural conference. In May 2018, we’re returning to bring you another world-class lineup fueled by the community and experts from a range of disciplines. While PRIMER was created as a platform for speculative design and foresight strategies, we welcome futurists, designers, architects, scientists, artists and other thought leaders to share their work, methodologies, frameworks, case studies, narratives, experiments and concepts that address the potential challenges and opportunities that the future holds.


PRIMER is a project of the Design Futures Initiative,a 501c3 nonprofit which produces the Speculative Futures meetups and has established chapters in San Francisco, Austin, New YorkBerlin, and London and has over a thousand members worldwide.


Read about the 2017 Conference here

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