Scott Paterson

Senior Design Lead, IDEO


‘A Tomorrow in Progress’

The workshop is a hands-on activity where participants will be guided through a series of new mindsets, methods and tools for exploring design of the future. As background for the session, we’ll share highlights from IDEO’s take on strategic foresights via an introduction to IDEO’s “Adventuring” capability and the role of “future scenario planning” in our design. We’ll describe the strategies, the framework and some inspiration from our work.

Following this will be an introduction to the hands-on activity, where we present attendees with a relevant pressing topic IDEO is tackling at the time of the workshop. Participants will play a modified version of Stuart Candy’s “Thing from the Future” game to facilitate a mashup of brainstorming and speculative ideation. They will design a future from scratch!

The IDEO team will then provide a brief training about design thinking focused on rapid prototyping prior to the group learning by doing. Participants will work in groups to iterate their concepts for new products or services, build prototypes, as well as conceive of the organization that generates and delivers the product or service. The workshop ends with a group share announcing the new org and it’s product or service offering. Documentation of the event and its’ results could be published as a story on IDEO’s series “Tomorrow in Progress.”

2-3 additional IDEO Adventuring Trailguides will participate in the workshop.


Take aways will include an introduction to IDEO’s take on strategic foresight, inspiration from our recent work, and skill building including human-centered design frameworks, design fiction, foresight, concepting, and prototyping.


Scott Paterson is a Senior Design Lead at IDEO. His work is focused on the future of cities, specifically the intersection of technology and space whether designing mobile applications, embedded interfaces or physical environments. Scott’s passionate about understanding how our experience can be supported, mediated and inspired by great interaction design. He leads our Adventuring platform which includes an online series Tomorrow in Progress that explores what the future of life in the Bay Area might be like in 10–15yrs. Adventuring is a new capability we’re practicing, like Design Thinking, that examines futures, design fiction, and inhabitation.