Jose De La O

Founder, Cooperativa Panorámica


Your Dystopia might be my reality: A workshop to create Narratives to understand current dystopias.

Design Fiction is used as a tool to create possible scenarios that might explain what kind of impact new technologies generate in future societies. A common practice that these scenarios describe are dystopias related to a context based on developed economies.

A vast majority of these dystopian scenarios might feel superficial and naive, especially if we compare them to what is really happening right now in underdeveloped countries. While some of these scenarios completely ignore the actual realities that are profoundly interconnected with its more privileged counterpart, others use them as inspiration.

When one talks about a technology-driven future society, one also has to analyze and acknowledge the other part which is the majority of the population. People who do not use technologies that are introduced right now, the ones who instead of using them have to produce them, the ones that instead of generate, have to adapt to it. The ones who have a life working for these industries with out the benefits.

By applying tools for observation, narrative and critical thinking, we designed this methodology to generate innovation. The key is to focus on the limitations of what a fixed context might bring. We also believe generating dystopian narratives on these different contexts can not only bring about more tangible speculative results, but also great innovation tools and a way for designers and innovators to understand the realities of the underdeveloped world.


Better understanding on how to analyse current events and project them to the future. Sensibilisation on under developing realities.


José de la O earned an Industrial Design Bachelor Degree at Iberoamericana University in México City and a Masters Degree on Conceptual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. After that he founded Studio José de la O in the City of Eindhoven in 2010, and relocating to his hometown Mexico City.

José is co-founder of Cooperativa Panorámica, runs the design-driven cultural initiative,”The Chair that Rocks”, is the Creative Director of his brand “delaO” and co-produces the Spanish speaking podcast Fuera de Contexto.

While in The Netherlands, Jose de la O has been a guest lecturer at the Design Academy Eindhoven and speaker at Open Designism, and Mediamatic. Later in México, he performed as a Speaker at several design events such as Design Decode, Factor Clave (ITESM Campus Querétaro), Oxymoron (ITESM Monterrey), Cisibero (Universidad Iberoamericana, México City), among others. He currently teaches Industrial Design at Universidad Centro in México City.

His work has been exhibited in Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Design Week, Inside Design Amsterdam, Dutch Design Week, The Future Perfect in New York, the Design Museum in Taipei, the Shanghai Museum of Glass and countless design exhibitions all over México.