Beverly May

Founder, The Concepts Lab


User-Centric Scenarios In The Future of Driverless Vehicles In 5-20 Years

When most people think about the future of driverless cars, they think of the physical cars, the engineering, or perhaps they imagine all the things that can go wrong as these cars merge with human drivers on the road. What’s missing is what it will be like to use these vehicles as riders and citizens, and where and how they can have the most positive impact on society.

In fall 2016, The Concepts Lab created a 3-part product and service design workshop series on the future of autonomous vehicles from a user-centered design standpoint that focused on users and their needs- the riders- not on the engineering. We identified several high-potential rider segments and envisioned scenarios where autonomous vehicles could have a material impact in 5-20 years time. We then created three in-depth future scenario case studies: 1. the future rider and driver experience in conventional passenger vehicles; 2. the future of customized short and long-distance travel on demand; and 3. the future of urgent medical care. For each of these, we planned the experience of riders and drivers; imagined the rider/driver-vehicle interactions and ecosystems; conducted extensive user and market research; and envisioned the final product at varying levels of fidelity. Our explorations included sketches, digital prototypes, cardboard-cutout and digital dashboard mockups, new vehicle illustrations, and rendered 3D interiors.

This talk will encompass 3 video case studies showing the 3 scenarios we explored, with additional Q&A, demos of our artifacts, and narration of our process. Come along on our journey to see our output, get excited about the driverless future, and learn how to do similar future design explorations yourself!


Bev is the founder of The Concepts Lab,, and a veteran of designing and delivering talks, courses and workshops in UX and Product Management around the world. She loves creating new things; imagining the future; helping and mentoring others to achieve their maximum potential; and all things interdisciplinary and complex.

Bev is also the Executive Director of the UX Awards, the premier global awards for exceptional UX- the next Awards is October 2017 in Palo Alto. In addition to teaching and the UX Awards, Bev has managed her own UX & product strategy consultancy, Oxford Tech, in NY and SF since 2008. In 2015, Bev was interim CTO & Head of Product Management & Design at a social video mixing company in Berlin, Germany. She has also helped create, optimize and launch hundreds of digital initiatives for Amplify Education, T­-Mobile, Pitney Bowes, Hearst, Rodale, Diageo, Nike, MCI, RealAge, Novartis and many others, and has founded several companies. She has an Executive MBA from Oxford University, an MS from NYU’s ITP Program, and a BA from University of Toronto. Fun fact: she’s also a triple citizen!