Andrés Valencia

Co-Founder, Change Innovation


Design: Empowering The Resistance of LATAM’s Growth

Design as a strategic system, a powerful model that drives innovation for better human conditions and commercial opportunities with a special focus for Latin American contexts. In comparison with the greatest economies, our Latin DNA (specially the Mexican) give us specific competitive advantages that with the right direction and mindset could lead us to become the new region of progress. It depends on how we might feel about our future and the mindset to speculate and design better scenarios. So as designers or role is to design the new behaviors that will take action for better, for next.

My talk responses questions such as: How might we influence history and defy paradigms? How design can inspire a old disastrous system? What’s the role of the designers? How can we inspire change in Latin regions? How can discursive design give us a greater consciousness? Can we foster a new culture of design? How the world can help us to become a design driven region? What can we learn from other countries and take advantage of the new global economy?

The approach of my talk wants to empower designers and creative class people to become the new leaders of the resistance, the leaders of the new generation con companies that will lead our progress and give us global competitiveness, as business owners and society. I truly believe design and futures thinking can change our world.


Andrés presided over the section design and creative industry in Chamber of Commerce of Guadalajara for 2 consecutive periods, he was consultant of companies through diverse incubators of business for 3 years, where he implemented models of strategic design for diverse industries. Marketing Coach for the (Latin American division) TV channel WOBI. He is currently President of the Promotion and Design Council of Mexico and former president of the Association of Graphic Designers.

He has design studies in Germany, a master’s degree in business innovation from CEDIM in Mexico and various programs specializing in innovation and futures design (USA and Mexico international courses) He is a postgraduate professor at ITESO (innovation models), Speaker and international consultant, Andres has held workshops and conferences in business, innovation and entrepreneurship forums in Mexico, Center and South America.