*This is your only chance to hear these talks as we will not be recording or streaming for this event

Agi Haines

Speculative Designer, Research Fellow: CogNovo (Marie Curie ITN)

Jason Kelly Johnson

Co-Founder and Design Partner, Future Cities Lab, future-cities-lab.net

Christian Ervin

Design Director, Tellart tellart.com

Andrés Valencia

Co-Founder, Change Innovation

Beverly May

Founder, The Concepts Lab

Paolo Cardini

Associate Professor, Rhode Island School of Design

Scott Fisher & Joshua McVeigh-Schultz

Scott is known for his pioneering research in the field of Virtual Reality at NASA.
Joshua is an interactive designer and media artist, PhD.

James Pierce

Lecturer at UC Berkeley Jacobs Institute for Design Innovations

Joseph Kappes

Interaction Designer, Cooper

Carmen Aguilar y Wedge & Ashley Baccus-Clark

Carmen co-founded Hyphen-Labs and is an engineer, artist, and researcher.
Ashley is a molecular and cellular biologist and multidisciplinary artist.


Scott Paterson

Senior Design Lead, IDEO

J Paul Neeley

Neeley Worldwide

Jose De La O

Founder, Cooperativa Panorámica