A Conference on Speculative Futures

Three days of speakers and workshops in San Francisco

PRIMER was created to prepare you for the future, and to equip you to help shape it. We’ve gathered a global group of cutting-edge designers, strategists, thought leaders, architects, and educators to share their work and processes to prime us for the challenges and the opportunities the future may hold. From emerging technologies such as autonomous cars, biotech, synthetic biology and biomorphic buildings to the influence and impact of emerging economies, population migration, climate change, there are new design and social ethics to be considered, business strategies to be developed and large-scale social, cultural and environmental shifts to be reckoned with.

PRIMER shines a spotlight on the critical topics of likely and possible future that demand a design response now. It aims to inspire thinkers and makers to use futures design thinking as a method to develop new agendas for communities, businesses, and governments to strategize and align themselves economically and sustainably for the future as it arrives.

PRIMER is a project by the Speculative Futures meetup group based in San Francisco, CA. The group serves as a platform for speculative design work and offers training workshops for futures design methods and strategies.